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Kuato Studios and Marvel Entertainment are thrilled to share the first glimpse into Marvel Hero Tales - it’s time to experience the Marvel Universe like never before! Use the power of words to tell a spectacular series of stories and adventures as you want to. Once you’ve completed your mission, relive your heroic antics in your very own comic books.

Marvel Hero Tales is a brand new way to enjoy the adventures of your favorite Marvel Super Heroes. Take on original and exhilarating stories to thwart the plans of the most villainous characters that the Marvel Universe has to offer.

Explore The Marvel Universe Like Never Before!

It’s hard to be a hero without a sense of discovery.

Become your favorite heroes and defend New York City from evildoers. Discover story points and secrets in one of the most iconic cities in the Marvel Universe as you bring your story to life. And this is just the start… more legendary Marvel locations will be revealed as Marvel Hero Tales continues to soar.


The Tale Is Yours To Tell!

There is a hero in everyone and that starts with your imagination.

This is the first and only app that turns your Marvel adventures into your very own comic book. You control your hero's actions. Only you can decide how your story will play out. Will the villain take over the world? Or will you save the day?


Sharpen Your Skills and Expand Your Vocabulary!

Training and growing your abilities are important for any hero.

The app is designed to help our heroes improve their vocabulary and become confident users of expressive language through creating their own Hero Tales. Kuato Studios have worked with the Center For Applied Second Language Studies at the University of Portland Oregon, as well as with teachers and schools in the UK to develop specific vocabulary content for the game, based on the Corpus of Contemporary American English and mapped to US and UK literacy grade standards. Over time, users will progress through a rich, graded vocabulary set to help them become better readers and storytellers.

In the words of Stan Lee: "Reading is good! And you can quote me on that!"


New Heroes, Villains, Events and Stories Added All The Time!

A hero’s work is never done!

Dive into regular updates and new content, starting with Captain Marvel and Captain America! You’ll discover secrets and learn all about your favorite heroes as well as their most fearsome enemies.

We have lots of issues, locations, heroes and villains coming up so your stories will continue to grow and grow - the only limitation will be your imagination!

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The Benefits of Being a Member!

We’ve got great news for early adopters of Marvel Hero Tales.

You’ll be able to get the awesome introductory price for your Marvel Hero Tales membership!

Membership benefits include:

  • Access to Spider-Man as well as all upcoming heroes and stories with no in-app purchases
  • Enjoy bonus content in the News section
  • Additional comic book slots to save even more adventures!
  • Extra power words to power up your heroes
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